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Berroja Winery
"Txacoli, Naturaleza y Paisaje, un Privilegio para los Sentidos"
Txacoli de calidad

Bodega Berroja is a Family company, which begins its journey on the #241;o 1997, with the transformation #243 of its forest properties, in viñedos.

The año 2000 begins the production of Txakoli and the añ or 2001 the winery is built in the viñedo, with a sustainable #243 building, being buried for the most part and having a green roof as an element of insulation.

The building is #225; integrated into the hillside, under the caseí or that gives name to the brand of the popular txakoli más, which we produce from our first harvest.

There are new properties adjoining the initial #243;n, #233;becoming a plot of 25 #241;one hand, which make it unique, both because it is an exploitation of #243;n type Terroir, in which the viña and the winery are located in the same place, surrounding the viñas on the hillside to the building of the winery, which with an area of 1900m2 has different spaces for the uses of the winery, áfield rea, área of temporary and ásocial rea, así as auxiliary elements of office, services públicos, shop and a large kitchen for the use of social space


The work of Bodega Berroja, consists of producing quality txakoli as well as the development of enoturísticas activities given the unique place in which we are.

With regard to the #243;n production of txakoli, we have the últimas técnicas enológicas, for the production #243;n of wine and thisá in project, once they are produced ón the ú last plots planted the años 2019-2020, other types of txakolis rosse, sparkling and red, all with autoóctonas and low té#243;n production techniques integrated, in order to value the true carácter of the land that keeps our viñas and that offers us fruits of quality and uniqueness.

The environment in which we work, is #225; fully integrated, in conservation measures of the soil and respect for wildlife and the flora autóctona is total, using only external measures, for the protection of #243 the renque de la viña and the conditions that perform fungi and smallñas invasions of arácnidos and other ácaros, whose úonly control can only be carried out by means external to the activity itselfgrícola.


In total the base nú of the company we are five people


Comprometed with the quality and service to those who visit us and buy our txakoli, the result of this collective effort aimed at providing an enjoyment and an experience taking advantage of the natural resources that surround us, as #237; as well as the views and landscapes that make up our visual horizon, both at the level of ridingñas representative of the Bizkaiarium, as natural environments, such as the estuary of the Urdaibai reserve.