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Bernardo Harapa Winery
"Toda una tradición familiar detrás de un vino insuperable"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
You can find out more about her on herwebsite.

Vino de Calidad


Bernardo Harapa is a #243 #243 product of great quality thanks to #250 the carácter nonconformist of its founder.
The history of this wine is the story of a family linked to the world of wine, that after #241;you experiencing a vífully doméstic to this product, it leaps towards a professionalization #243 of a family #243;n pasión.
Bernardino Harapa converts this translationón into the sueño of his life. After años of work decides to dedicate himself entirely to this gestation that finally achieves its achievement #243 in a territory as rich as that offered by the Sierra de Granada, specifically in the north of the Sierra Nevada, with a high mineralizationón to which it accompaniesñthe climatología typical of the areas of ridingña located at más of 1000 meters high. The area where the viñ sit;as, has been histórichly linked to the wine reaching the seudónimo de “land of viñas”.
Our product is not born as a result of chance and chance, but every variety that is harvested in our land has been chosen with care with the advice of professionals after the realization #243;n of anáprevious lysis, both of the land on which it is planted and of the climatología. Therefore, finally in 2007 3 main varieties are planted: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.
 From this commitment to taste and quality, it is derived that the winery currently has the DO Protected from Granada a título that relates to the increase and recognition of the wine sector in this province. Fact that is combined with the carácter craftsmanship of the #243;n of all the wines that are launched to the market, elaborated and bottled by the founder himself.
“Awaken your senses and #225;date from a sip to the mountainsñas, rodéate of pure air and feel an explosionón of nuances on the palate #8221;.br />


My business consists of the elaboration #243;n and bottling of wine. It begins in the viña taking care of the grapes from the dínext to the previous añ. The whole process until it is #225; the wine bottled for its commercialcy #243;n.


The Bernardo Harapa Winery forms a sóthe member: Bernardino García Romero. Helped by staff sporesáI only #237;grape pick-up and grinding.