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Belluga Gourmet
AOVE Pemium y Especialidades del Aceite de Oliva


Belluga's story begins in the año 2005 with the gestión of the Belluga building, in the heart of the historicórich center of Segorbe.

In the building is the Segorbe Oil Museum, 6 rural accommodations and the Belluga Gourmet Space.

In the año 2009 we began to develop and market  our own products with the #243 creation of Belluga Gourmet, Specialties of Olive Oil: Aove Premium, patés of olives, jams and cosméticos with olive oil, all from our autóctona variety of Serrana olives from Espadán.


Belluga Emotions is a 360º around olive oil and the olive world consisting of:
  • Belluga Accommodation: Rural Apartments
  • Belluga Oil Museum
  • Belluga Tours : Guided tours, oil tourism and oil tastings
  • Belluga Gourmet: Elaboration #243;n and distribution #243 of gourmet oil and olive products
  • Belluga Veggie: Vegan Olive Products

Our goal is to offer an experience around the Aove and the world of olive trees


It is #225; consisting of:
  • Luis Calpe: Management
  • Blasco: Quality
  • Rafa Coll: Comerical