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"¿Por qué ser anti si podemos ser well? ¡ Bienvenid@ al Well-Aging !"
Unión de la Dermatología y de la Cosmética a partir de diferentes principios activos


Learning the knowledge acquired in the field of Dermatologyía and Dermoestética después de más of 25 años de dedicación professional línea SKINKEL WELL – AGING DERMOSCOSMETICS is the culmination #243;n of a project that began #243; to gestate 15 años atrás and which by different circumstances has remained stand-by during this long period of time#237;odo until we received the final pushón coinciding with the confinement to which we were subjected with the first wave of the terrible pandemic caused by COVID 19.

The idea is to promote and bet on a new concept such as Well-Aging, in contraposición to the widespread anti-aging concept, which we not only do not share but absolutely reject.


Skinkel is the unión of Dermatología and Cosmética from different active substances with a proven scientific and #237;fica basis that combine for facial and body skin care.

And we believe that female and male skin are and have different needs even though their care may seem similar,


Actly our company isá formed by Jordi Fornés ( CEO ) and Zoé Prunés ( Adviser Cósmetio Facial and Account Manager ) .

Sambién we have the #243 collaboration of Marcos González ( I am a cookie ) and his team.