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Curly Splinter
"Creatividad, madera, artesanal"
Enamorar de nuevo al mundo con el arte hecho a mano


The project beganó the año past, 2020, in order to create pieces únicas that could accompanyñar and decorate the different spaces of our customers.


The #243 of Curly Splinter is simple, yet complicated. Fall in love with handmade art again. Getting a little bit of my, right, in people's lives

The way of doing this is by transferring the complexity and feeling that an artisan product has printed, making understandable the detail, exclusivity, cariño and the complexity of the piece and the life of the craftsman.


My name is David Millán, I am an extremeño craftsman, creator of artísticos and decoration products #243;n made mainly of wood and other materials such as different types of metals, fabrics and recycled objects.

Rized Basket is my second creative project within the world of wood,

The carpintería, música and nature are my great passions and when they merge all kinds of ideas arise that give rise to my works.