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"Muñecas ASI"
Somos especialistas en muñecas, cuidamos cada detalle


Our story begins in the emblemática Gran Vía madrileña in 1942 with the opening of a shop.

We specialize in muñecas and create a workshop in Madrid for the manufacture #243;n of the muñecas.

Over time and thanks to the high demand for our muñecas, we created our own fábrica de muñecas. The place chosen was Onil, Alicante, birthplace of the muñeca.

With our own fábrica we were able to reach más stores and therefore más niños.


Our project is to make muñecas with a good value for money #243 and fully manufactured in España, taking care of every detail for us is the essence of the business.

Somos a family business that is currently run by the third generation #243;n and we intend that a fourth collect the glove and continue to make the sueño of the más small#241;os comply.

So are strong defenders of the game simbólico so our muñecas do nothing, we leave everything to the imagination #243 of the #241;o.


The ASI team is made up of 15 people,