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Silvent Crafts
"Hacemos juguetes duraderos"
Elaboración Cosas Artesanales


Artesanía Silvent is a family business whose beginnings in the subject of craftsmanshipía of wooden toys were motivated by the birth of our first child. Seeing that some of the toys I hadía brokeían easily, were not safe, nor resistant, I decidedí to make wooden toys myself. I have dedicated myself to carpentry all my life and, although I did not consider myself exactly a craftsman, sí knowíto the material and knowía that a wooden toy can last a lifetime and if it breaksíto myself I will be ableíto repair it. In this company the work is done as a team, formed by 3 people, I design &# 241;o and elaborate the toy in wood, my wife does the artística and crítica part and our son is in charge of testing the toy.

The sensations, touch, durability of wood…. characterísticas that we find very interesting in a game or toy that will be for hours in contact with our children. In addition,225;s, by not having electronic mechanisms or sounds, they promote the development of creativity, imagination, psychomotricity and, above all, a contact with the nature that surrounds us.

We live surrounded by nature, since our residence is located in a very beautiful valley with árboles, a smallño stream and a few km from the sea…We enjoy everything we can about it, we like to take long walks in the mountains, river or beach areas and we take the opportunity to play, pick mushrooms, wild fruits and, in short, being down to earth.

¿Whyé ARTESANIA SILVENT? I am proud to say that my great-grandfather was José Silvent, más known as Barriga Verde, since this character was the most attractive of all those who conceivedó for his showáass of títeres of indisputable popular acceptance.#243;n. He was “founder of the guiñol popular galician” in the Galicia of the mid-twentieth century.

José Silvent and his children were the animators of one of the most beautiful adventures of the Galician culture of our época. At a time (años forty-fifty) when Galician culture was outlawed, the Silvents devised a spectacleáculo in Galician that passionatesó to the crowd: “¡O Barriga Verde!”

Although until recently I did not knowíto my vein of “artist” , now that I have discovered it I want to honor the family name by putting my little oneño grain of sand.

From the moment I madeé my first toy discoverí that I was passionate about and that little by little was dedicatedándole más time to the point of wanting to undertake this journey waiting for my toys to reach many homes and make many children enjoyños and niñas and alsoén to someún major…

When I consideré seriously dedicate myself to the elaboration of wooden toys I wanted to be part of the guild of artisans and after presenting my project I gotí the “Carta de Artesán” granted by the Consellería de Economía e Industria de la Xunta de Galicia.


Soy Guille I am dedicated to the designño and manufactureón of wooden toys. My designs usually start from what I see in the día to día or childhood memory and transfer it to the wood.


YO am the one who designs themña and manufactures them.