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Durán leather crafts
Diseño, corte y confección de piel y cuero

Artesanía Del Cuero Durán is a family-#243 friendly tradition business whose beginnings arise with their ancestors in the añor 1950 making bespoke footwear.

With the wisdomía and the good craftsman, inherited from my predecessors, in the año 2000 I decide to found my own workshop, incorporating new artíhunting asses, garrisonía, leather ía among others, since the demand for such products is increasing



It is a small workshop #241;or in which all products are worked in a completely handcrafted way, so some artú #237;ass can be delayed in delivery. All the skins I work with are spañwaves of national curtición, at its highest;#237;a of beef origin. A thorough #243 selection is made of each skin, choosing the right #225;s for each product offering good quality.

Diseño, short, make, sew and kill each artíass, one at a time, until you get products ú nicos, prácticos and that, with a few moreí nimos and simple care, can last a lifetime.


Sanía Del Cuero Durán consists of a single member.


"Encantada,todo muy rápido y comodo"

Todo muy rapido

02 Oct, 2021