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Alblanc Craftsmanship
"Todo es posible"
Artesanía con Plata de Ley


Artesania.Alblanc: discover a great selectionón of Silver 1º law of 925 all created by hand with #233 different techniques, I hope you like it. You are á made for all occasions and you #233 can find it último in fashion and designño with attentionón to the customer at all times.


Work of artesanía for women. We offer a wide variety of add-ons. Our goal is for buyers to be completely satisfied,

Create all my products and materials in my workshop with semi-precious stones, murano and rock crystal, silver and metal: I make and set earrings. The duration #243;n is 2 hours, dándole to silver and metal the proper shape, I put stones and glass in the cabochons placing different hooks.

My tools are: round-tipped pliers, thread cutters, tweezers, bead spoon, metal cutting scissors, anvil, mallet, welder, filler, lime, tongs, etc.


At the moment I am and sometimes with family help,

Yolanda Vázquez Iglesias

"Preciosos pendientes!"

21 Nov, 2020
Yolanda Vázquez Iglesias
08 May, 2021
gimena martinez rosales

"Todo genial!"

Pendientes preciosos, calidad, entrega, presentacion, todo correcto. Vienen en una cajita muy bonita, el enganche es fuerte y el pendiente muy bonito, sientan genial.

26 Jun, 2021
Carlota García Ahlers
10 Dec, 2021
Rosa Mª Mijangos Sánchez

"Muy bonitos y con una presentación muy elegante"

El producto llegó muy rápido y con una presentación elegante y cuidada. Van en una cajita pequeña con el detalle de una cala en la parte superior.

10 Jan, 2022
Montserrat Cid García
28 Jan, 2022