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"Elaboración artesanal de licores"
Elaboración de Bebidas

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Artelicor is a family project that begins in 2012 with the hand of the inólogos Raúl and Elena. After #233;s of several years#241;os making a personal wine at small #241;at scale, the 2011 harvest does not meet the #237 quality #237;sticas we want #237;we decided to buy a smallñor still to distill the wine and, with the alcohol we obtained, we started testing for the production of the #243;n of the spirits that we have on the market today. To do this we looked for old recipes of spirits that in the past were made in our area and others made by our grandfather at home, he worked in a destilería and always tenía algún liter of alcohol with which he madeíto his liquor recipes of various types.

During several añwe develop the recipes, perfectándolas until we got the quality we liked and, in 2018 we started with Artelicor, launching to the market 5 references of natural orbs, Brandy of Orujo (the basis of all spirits), herbal liqueur, liqueur of limón, honey liqueur and milk cream. In 2020 we launched a new reference with large éxito, a piña.


The Artelicor project is based on the production of #243 artisanal spirits based on the best quality orujo brandy and natural products, differentiating ourselves from the industrial product that is made with other types of alcohols that are given to it by ñaden essences and dyes.

Somos of restless mind and we continue to work to develop new products, some continúan in the process of development until they go to market and others stay on the road, we have to be very sure that we will offer a high quality product in each of the new references that we are bringing to market.

Disfruit from what we do, we love it, and the most #225 comforting thing is that the público also #233 likes it.

Test of it also #233;n are the recognitions that we get in the más prestigious guías and contests distillates, where in 2019 we won 3 gold medals in the wine and distillate guía Wine Up and high scoreón in the rest of the spirits, all of them being published in the guía, where it was necessary to obtain a scoreón mínima of 85 points to be published.

In 2020 we presented the 6 references that you already have #237;we in the market to the Catavinum World Wine and Spirits Competition, where we got nothing more than #225;s and no less than 5 gold medals and 1 silver, resulting in all our award-winning spirits.

Recently, in April 2021, we again won 1 gold medal and 5 silver in the prestigious London Spirits Competition , being the única company españwave in winning a gold medal and the company española más award-winning of the London competition, with all our award-winning references.


The Artelicor team, for the time being, we only formed it 2 people, Elena and Raúl, both inólogos for #225 more than 20 años, with extensive experience and very dedicated to our professionalón. We take care of the whole process personally, from the #243;n processing, packaging, attention #243;n to customers, suppliers, distributors,... etc, but we make her delighted! :)