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"Portal de Artesania"
Artesanía en moda y accesorios


We start  it makes #225 more than five años attending street fairs of artesanía and handmade products, throughout Galicia.

We know many other artisans and sellers who do not have #237 too much contact with the online means of sale and that type of marketing.


Remaning the lack of supports and means that many people had, we decided to try to give them online visibility, creating a portal where they could sell their products when there were no #237 fairs or while they were not working.

With that idea we intend to create an fácil marketplace to use and maintain for any of the craftsmen who join the initiative.


At the moment there are two of us, Pilar, craftsman #225 and creator behind the Mixartesana and Luis brand, designñador y fotógrafo.

In between the two of us we have created the portal from scratch, with a lot of work, learning technologías and platforms that we don't know #237;amos, all with the help of great friends.