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Art3 Sanvalle
"Tu pasión siempre contigo"
Joyería y Bisutería de alta gama con esencia propia


The birth of Art3 originated at the #237;z of the need to express sentiment in a sector as unique as joyería and jewelryía. From the cúfound founder pula we decided to launch our own brand.

The sport #243;n made us focus on the beginnings in áfootballístico, that catches us for its emotion #243;n, although we have designedñado also #233;n other collections, such as that based on the flag of España or on the Virgin of the Pillar.

Art3 presents a product with its own essence and attention to detail, designed ñado and manufactured íntegramente in España, offering pieces with soul, that whisper to us to the oído.


Our main activity consists of the designño, manufactureón and sale of artíjeweler's assesía and high-end jewelryía, aimed especially at the fútbol world. In this sense, we have a license agreement that entitles the use and exploitation #243;n of the trademarks "Real Madrid", "Real Betis Balompié", "Sevilla FC" and "Cádiz CF" in our products, such as bracelets, chokers, earrings, twins, tie pins, keychains, etc., which incorporate the shields of these Fútbol Clubs and other related motifs.

We also have incorporated into our products the España Brand, which we use freely, reproducing the colors of the national flag in an extensive númere artíreferenced asses.

In the high-end jewelryía environment, we work with bañ alloys;eds in precious metals such as Sterling Silver, 24Q gold, 18Q rose gold or Ruthenium and with premium materials, hypoalergénicos or with anti-alé treatment and manufactured ífully in Españ />


The company was founded by two women over 55 añyou with great desire and illusión: an artist and an engineer that we complement perfectly to achieve the final result that we canéis see in our pieces.

Diseñwe add the pieces ourselves and we have some collaborators equally excited by the project who help us in the manufacture #243;n of the product and management of the company #243.