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Health and beauty

"El poder de lo natural"
Crear Aromas especiales, adaptando y transmitiendo experiencias mediante el Aroma.

De la unión of the work of several años as perfumers was born Aromatecnia in 2015.

Our very effective and durable natural fragrances in time, our #225;n of superación #243 leads us; to the #243 creation of natural fragrances that are very effective and lasting over time, since in the current market there is #237;an conventional systems not providing value and durability #243 for the End Customer.

We are specialized in Creating Special Aromas, adapting and transmitting experiences through Aroma.


Diseñwe and manufacture diffuseón systems of very effective natural aromas, being able to achieve durations of 24/48 hours of fragrances.

The secret  is the neutralizationón of odors is based on the elimination #243 of the #160 smell  the environment, managing to implant the new.

Like likeíexport Product to Europe and América.


Currently we are 3 people:

  • José Carlos Fragua : Commercial Department
  • Esther Herranz : Perfumer
  • Jose luis Martin : Product development