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Floral Beekeeping
"Pura miel de la Alcarria"
Productos apícolas con pasión y artesanos


We worked about five years ago #241 with a few hives, with the teachings of #241 veteran beekeepers and a series of professional courses in beekeeping, we gradually managed to learn this wonderful teacher#243;n increasing hives and production #243;n.

The idea is to continue to work by hand the star product of the hive "La Miel", and also #233 to publicize its other products, propóleos, polén, wax...


In these moments we are already professionals apíqueues for the númere hives that we have but aún we want to increase some exploitation #243;n to try to live úonly of this pasión, although we know that it is not fácil.

We are located in a small town of Cuenca, in the heart of Alcarria, which assures us a product of a quality más that contrasted.


I'm a purely familiar " company," full-time is a person, I, but at specific times we can reach 6-7 workers.