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Anna by Manel Luxury
"La belleza a tus pies"
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Manel'sAnna begins in 2018. First it was the idea, the illusión of designñar luxury espadrilles. Recover the craft #237;a with a perspective of disseño and selectón that made them únicas.

Pespués llegó the name, play with the names of my children, something that will last forever in time, timeless, intense, unconditional, dedication #243;n and love.

Set a diálogo between luxury and craftsmanía, live the artesanía while you walk. Elegantly, without any highlights,

Not looking for a total look, but a one shot. You can live luxury with a select piece, almost única, with such force that it drags the rest of the outfit.


Our business is to reach the women of the world through #233;s of their feet. Make them live a luxury experience, without límites.

A wish fulfilled. Be beautiful and powerful when you move,

Sar want España to be the shuttle, let Made in Spain, style and good taste go hand in hand.


Front are 3 women, 1 designñadora and production control#243;n, 1 responsible for expansionón and sales, and 1 Social media/digital marketing.