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"Objetos con arte, innovadores y prácticos"
Diseñador y creador de productos exclusivos


Empecé 30 años in the world of design #241;o gráfico and since the úwe have created different products focused on the cultural sector in which spañoles manufacturers and artisans have collaborated, supporting inclusiveness and offering #243 sustainability and quality.

Algunos of my clients are the Prado Museum, Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, Reina Sofía Museum, Sorolla Museum, Royal Palace of Madrid, Taurine Museum of Sales…

Is a way to bring art, culture and traditions closer to customers, bring #243 visibility and flexibility to the cultural industry and generate interés in new audiences.


My business is based on the creation #243 of original products of different materials and #225;ticas that surprise customers.

So creative I try to contribute my experience in each project to make it viable, visible and can reach everyone.


someone: Ángel Merlo.