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Angel Molina Driller
"El arte en piel"
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This merchant belongs to the association Oficio y Arte.

Diseño y creación de artículos en piel de primera calidad

Ángel Molina begins with this professional project in the año 2013, although it is about the años 90 when it feels a great attraction for #243 this material as noble as the skin and develops its creativity by working with your own hands this product.

Sí is referred to as a drillmaker, a person who dissesña and creates any part in this material. His inexhaustible creativity and #243 passion for this art have led him to stand out in different artípress asses (2009, periódico La Verdad, 2011, Happy swing - 2012, RFE Golf nº 82 - 2012 Spending Magacin - 2012, Golf Digest). He has participated in various trade fairsía exhibitions, demonstrations and also #233;n has taught in different centers and schools.

Diseñ to any piece to customer's request.#243;n.


This project consists of creating, from this material from the zero point, designedñ and creation of artó #237; exclusive asses with a personality of their own. Quality is very important for this company so premium national skins are used, always from animals intended for human consumption.

The goal is to make this product known every time to more and #225 more people in the world.


Ángel Luis Molina Guillén, with a view to ampliar.

Rosario Arés Gastesi

"Fácil y rápida"

17 Apr, 2021