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"No es tenerlo, no es solo beberlo, es vivirlo"

This merchant belongs to the association SABOR GRANADA.
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Producción de vinos 100 % granadinos de elaboración propia


The Anchurón vió the arrival of the Romero Garcí family; in 1989, discovering vine-growing files with no agrí presence at the time. 

Totally legalized since 2003, we work wines professionally to recover the cultivation of the vine, generate employment in the area, manufacture our first finished product on the market and position prestigious and affordable brands. 


Anchurón is located #250 in the españ ola province of Granada, where the vidueñ is located; or in which the grapes are born of this wine. The viñedos extend in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, the Natural Park of the Sierra de Huétor and the Natural Park of the Sierra de Baza, at an average altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. 

In the process of processing #243;n renewable energy #237 has been used. The production processes #243;n combine European #243 translations with úwe expand technologicalógico advances, taking care #225 of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices to ensure the máxima quality. 

Exporting and integrated in CáGranada Trade Mara, the Centre of Excellence for the Agri-Food Sector of Granada, the #241 European wine country Wine in Moderation and other institutional ties. 

sowable with different wine tourism agencies and experience packages. 

Labeing and marketing wine of approximately 6 hectá#243;n own production reas, having the potential to grow to more #225 than 190 hectáreas in this area in property. 


We are three people working: Amparo García, holder, Emilio Romero and Luis Miguel Romero.

Pablo Minguez Peña


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02 Apr, 2021