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Ana Oncina
"historietas de la vida diaria y la vida en pareja"
Historietas, que narran divertidos gags que dejan adorables recuerdos


The idea surgió by chance on a trip to Berlín he made in 2013. After visiting several museums he sat #243 on a bench and his partner told him that it was a «empanada» and she called himó «croquette». Ahí the characters were born.

Ana Oncina surprisedía with her first book, ‘Croqueta y Empanadilla’, starring an enterñable and young couple, reflecting that of its creator, who starts smiles with her everyday humor in brief gags. Captivityó to the #250 Public Health Prize of the Saltón of the cómic of Barcelona 2015, which awarded him #243 the Popular Prize, and to múltiples fans, who follow his works.


The first cómic (Croqueta and Empanadilla 1) had a great éxito and in five months it sold outó its first edition #243;n and 2 reprints. This will lead himó to get the Popular Award for the best work published in 2014, in the Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona en 2015.

It's journey continues #250;a, she currently combines work as an illustrator for the publishing world while turning the world of comics, publishing on different platforms, her cómics de Croqueta and Empanadilla sharing her personal reflections with her characters and all her readers. “Her protagonists have earned a place in the heartón of the público”.


Ana Oncina, “I work very well with short stories and más aún autobiográficas”.

Woman of our días writes, thinks, creates and design&

#241 #225 #241;illustrations of daily life.