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"Artesanía creativa en cartón piedra"
Elaboración Artesanal


AMBCARTó is born from my experience and trajectory of más of 25 años in the creation of #243 figures in cartón stone, being part of MValencia. Giving volume to your own #241;os with one of the traditional técnicas of creation #243;n of figures in stone #243;n, using materials such as clay and plaster for the creation #243;n of the initial volume, cartón stone and grouped among other materials for the realization #243;n of each of the pieces.

AMBCARTó was also born #233 from the taste for craftsmanship, meticulous in the details and in each of the stages of elaboration #243;n of the pieces, from their design#241;o, the creation #243;n of the volume and the final painting in #237;lico.


Continue to develop the técnica of the cartón stone, trying to enhance its creative and artisanal capacity giving volume to designñown and personalized.


At the moment the AMBCARTó team is one person, Mati Casaudoumecq.