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"Joyas diferentes. 100% diseñado y fabricado en España por nuestros orfebres artesanos."
Joyería artesanal


ALTANAjoyas, is a company specialized in the manufacture of #243;n of Joyería in Gold and Silver that began its activity in 1966 under the trade name Isangelfeli and in 1994, it is renamed ALTANAjoyas.

All products manufactured by ALTANAjoyas are made through #233;s of artisanal processes, since the entire production chain #243;n (designño, modeling, micro fusión –a lost wax-, set, polished…) are handcrafted by a team of highly qualified goldsmith craftsmen who #233;n imposes on each jewel its own style, pasión, emoción creativity and the carácter of craftsmanshipía.

Altana exercises an exhaustive quality control in its products, and aware of its good work, guarantees for life all its products of its manufacture #243;n.


Diseñwe produce and produce timeless jewelry for all women who love to wear different jewelry and who shun being uniformed with the imposed trends.

The current one has más of 400 outlets distributed throughout the geographía española, Andorra, Portugal and Germany.


The team is #225; consisting of 8 people of which 5 are artisan goldsmiths, 2 commercial and 1 administrative.