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Alicia Barceló Sánchez
"Las maravillas que buscabas"
Fabricamos todo tipo de creaciones en piel


Ours is the experience working the skin. For the #233,we have been dedicated to making shoes, but our friends have always been #241,as well #233 as doing #233 other things.

Our imagination #243 and the requests of our acquaintances made us #237 manufacture all kinds of creations in leather. Sometimes the work became very elaborate.


Now that we control all kinds of skinned técnicas and that we have gathered a good #243 collection of tools, #225;quinas and patterns. ¿Whyé not share our creations with #225 other people, más allá of our acquaintances? All the people close to us who have commissioned us have been spreading the word and have encouraged us to do so.

Our goal is to help people feel their daily lives and hobbies a little as if they were in the País of Wonders. ¿We are accompaniedñas?


Our company is very #241 small and very large at the same time.

The two people formed, Alicia and Mateo, a marriage from Alicante.

But we want to be fair. Our children encourage us a lot to keep doing things and offer us their #243. And our friends are #225 #241 help us to give us ideas for new creations.

¡To all of them, thank you!