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Algil Bodegas y Viñedos
"Vinos diferentes que proceden de parcelas únicas"
Elaboración de vinos


Algil Bodegas y Viñedos arises from the knowledge of the land… the effort to make the tradición and the innovation #243;n join giving rise to the búsqueda of perfectionón.

Tra you have trained me and worked in different wineries in the area -including 12 años in the group Tempos Vega Sicilia-, in the año 2017 decideí develop this personal project that from well sinño already tenía in mind. A path of learning that never ends and continues to #250 the rhythm that marks every cycle of the vine.

Algil is the first stepón; with viñedos typical of plots únicas between 25 and 110 años, located in the términos of San Román de Hornija and Morales de Toro, land where our Toro ink is formed; seeking the uniqueness of the wine transmitting the characteristics of the #237 area.


Algil  Bodegas y Viñedos arises from the deep knowledge of this land and its raw materials; from the effort for the   búconstant squeda of Excellence.

My misión, enjoy in a glass, all the flavor of an honest landscape in which the grape is the protagonist of each bottled story.

Algil is the culminationón of a sueño. A vision that #243 has accompanied me since #241 niño: recovering the value of a land, Toro, which despite its hardness has given us everything through #233 several generations of winegrowers.

San Román by Hornija and Morales, a viñedo almost forgotten in a denomination #243;n that is a sinónimo of poor lands, of boulders, of resilience and survival, of a long-lived viticulture, of its #243 passion for wine… of a deal agreed with nature itself.


Soy Iván Alonso winemaker and wine specialist. I am also #233 responsible and creator of Algil Bodegas y Viñedos; a one-man vitivinícola project within the DO Toro where we produce unique wines, giving the greatest importance to the raw material, to the land without giving up the más rigorous control and care to seek excellence.