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Uproar-Art Workshop
"Joyería en Cerámica y otras Preciosidades"
Diseño de Joyería en Cerámica


Cursé my studies of cerámica at the School of Art and Diseño Massana (Barcelona). I have worked in several workshops of cerámica and made different pieces with different técnicas since I am passionate about researching #243;n. I am currently developing líjoyer neasía in porcelain, with excellent reception. I also #233 work on request and collaborate with artists and #241 designs;adores in the creation #243 of artísticas pieces. I teach cerámica course in a timely and permanent manner.


Alboroque-Taller de Arte is a shop -workshop that is located in Villanueva de la Vera (Cáceres), where I offer my pieces and teach courses of different técnicas in cerámica. My intention #243;n is to continue to grow and my goal, to be able to hire in the #243;ximos months to help me in the task of making the pieces #243 and their promoción. Someone to help me produce my products #243 and #243 disseminated my products so I can focus on the #241 design and innovation #243;n.

También is an online jewellery shopía and other artíasses in cerámica and my propóit is to contact both private customers and industry stores interested in working with my brand.
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Compagating my workshop work, designñor #243 elaboration of the pieces with the collaboration #243 of other designs; #241; craftsmen and artists for specific works.

I don't have any employees at the moment.