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Ai Loviu
"Láminas personalizadas hechas con mucho amor"
Diseño y personalización de láminas


My name is Alicia, I'm 41 años and a babyé 6 months old, Gala. The motivation that #243 me; to undertake #243 and pursue my #241;os with AI LOVIU. A great adventure that día día makes me more #225;s happy. I consider myself a slightly crazy and quite soñadore person, a way of being that has led me to undertake to do what I like and at the same time raise Gala and enjoy my family.

With Ai Loviu I have discovered that I am fortunate, surrounded by beautiful things, handmade and with a lot of love. Lácustom mines with a special touch to remember moments únicos. That is the premise with which I was born #243; AI LOVIU.


When a baby is born#233, a mixture of emotions invades us. It is difícil to express with just one word everything we think, feel and experience in the #225 deepest of us…

Appiness, love, tenderness, stories, celebration, #243;n, home, family, laughter, friendship…

Sever born is único. Every babyé, #233;n.

In Ai Loviu, I want every gift to plasme that “something” special, perfect and genuine of each of them.

With each lácustom mine, Turnás family events into únicos, happy celebrations into unrepeatable ones and formás part of your loved ones' lives becoming an ingredient más in the love story of the día día of the babyés.

If you want to find the perfect and original gift for your family, friends, recién born… is #225;s in the ideal place. Visit our online store and discover the #225;custom mines made with a lot of love and care. Get the gift to brighten up #225; the día to anyone.


, I'm Alicia,

The creative, design#241;adore and smile painter behind #225 Ai Loviu.

I want to tell you a secret…An año ago I won't even have had #237;it's gone through my head to offer my #241;os from my own base camp.

And it's all #243; for my love of dysseñ or childish and love for the míos.

why there's no craziness that's worth it anymore. Choose the gift you choose, be á perfect, original and different. Each of these disseñyou wears a piece of mí, my mother's love and my sueños.