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Insalus Water
"Queremos ser el agua de aquí"
Agua mineral natural con características específicas

Insalus is a consumer products company with 150 años of history. Since 1888, natural mineral water has been continuously packaged in its Lizartza facility. First it was the sparkling mineral water sold in pharmacies, but of the añ60 of the last century also #233;n is packaged natural mineral water without gas.

We try to bring to the consumer a único, natural product that has no alterationsón física or química, or preservatives and with specific characteristicsísticas specsíficas. Our water always maintains a constant mineral composició over time and among its components stand out bicarbonate and calcium. We #233 should also highlight the small amount of sodium #241 it contains, which makes it ideal for diets poor in this mineral.


We want to be a modern company. May it be part of the productive fabric of our land and keep it imbricated in today's society. We are not exclusively engaged in the packaging and sale of water, but we want to be a part of society and culture hereí. We are a company here and #237; and we collaborate with ours. The thing about all of us who make up this society. We are an industry but we collaborate with sustainability and environmental maintenance. We want to help us all know that all packaging has a second life and are raw material for new forms of use#243;n: we collaborate in the collection and recycling of packaging increasing the value of the entire chain, being more and more and more #225;s clean.


We have thirty people between the packaging plant, the offices and the commercial team, but alsoás, about half a thousand más collaborates in the sale and distribution of #243 our products.

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22 Nov, 2020
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23 Jan, 2021
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Muy bien

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