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Herald Oils
"La esencia del olivo centenario"
Producción y Elaboración de AOVE


Aceites Heraldo is a family business created in 2011 to value a único product, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (AOVE), obtained from our centenary olive trees of Picual variety. Located in the término municipal of Villacarrillo next to the Sierra de Cazorla and the Villas, in the province of Jaén, world cradle of the traditional olive grove.

The olive groves have been careful generation #243;n after generation #243;n by our family since the nineteenth century. Initially there were #237;a of own mill, with traditional presses and handling. In the 50s of #241 the last century, agricultural cooperatives were created, which was an important advance to improve the quality and marketing #243;n of our oils.

With a large tradición olive grove, Villacarrillo is the municipality that produces más olive oil from the province.

But the market is very fickle, it values más the quantity and the good quality broths are diluted with those of worse qualities. And besides, #225;s believe in the traditional olive grove, which is the one that más helps to fix the rural population #243;n rural and más environmentally friendly. Therefore, we decided to take our own path in the marketing of #243 our primary oils, considering that it is a different product that the consumer should know, value and enjoy.


In HERALDO OILS we have sought the #243 integration of all the processes necessary for obtaining #243;n of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unbeatable quality, from the cultivation of olive groves in the traditional olive groves of our property (in integrated production system#243), the harvesting #243 of olives at the appropriate time, its molturación in the mill to which we are associated for the production #243;n of the oil with the conditions óptimas, until its commerciality #243;n direct.

Depressible processes are controlled at all times to achieve the maximum product quality máxima, as it is a production chain #243;n where the quality pérdida at an intermediate point in the process is unrecoverable in later stages.

Our range of HeraldO Extra Virgin Olive Oils, it is made with the first olives collected in the campña (October-December) in the Cortijo El Derramadero, at the foot of the Sierra de Cazorla (Jaén), obtaining #233 a juice único of a marked personality.


Somos a family business in which the Rodriguez-Avial brothers are associated, separating the management functions of the farm (by the #243 integrated production system) and direct #243 marketing, both to shops and individuals, from our best AOVE.