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Escario Oils
"El de Siempre desde 1945"
Elaboración Cosas Naturales


With more than 40 years of Experience in the Sector, our journey begins when Jesús Escario takes over from the managementón
of the Mill Mills of Sipán, which was in operation since 1945, it is then that the Escario Family is put at the head of the fábrica. With the años develops a pasión porf the extra olive oil has been transmitted between generations until the día of today, we began in the modernizationón of the productive process to be able to reach directly to the consumer the high quality product obtained from the field without intermediaries.


Our intention is to obtain olive juice of high quality and not vegetable fat. We work with the actocton varieties of the area and the olives of the surroundings más nearby, differentiating ourselves with the rest of the aciete of all España by the quality of the raw material and the care with which we select each game for its subsequent manipulation in cold.
All éllo allows us to obtain a product of specific qualitiesíficas and a high value of the consumer.
Our business idea is focused on the niches of the market where an establishment specialized in healthy and high quality food is sought.


The company isá managed by a total of 5 members, of which 4 are relatives,