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Moon Soul Oil
"AOVE ALMA DE LUNA, el oro líquido 100% SOLIDARIO."
Mimanos nuestra tierra, nuestro árbol y nuestro fruto en Aceite Alma de Luna


We start our olivera activity in 2015 by tming our land, our árbol and

our fruit. The extraction process #243;n is reminiscent of olive oil más handmade because

we take care of the #225;ximo details to get an AOVE of excellent featuresísticas


And so much love we put on our work and our project since, with it

100% of the ALMA DE LUNA benefits, in their great social responsibility, helps one

the most vulnerable sectors #225 vulnerable, CHILDREN,


Alma de Luna is a company that arises from love, family, friendship, but

about the generosity of a man who a día wanted to help a friend and finished #243;

quedándose with some olive trees in the término de Chauchina. I never got #243; to think that of

ahí emergeía company whose purpose is to beía la más beautiful of all purposes,

100% of your benefits to HELP NIÑOS.

Our goal is to continue to grow as a brand with a very clear goal of betting on

the más high quality and publicize our project that we are so proud of,


ALMA DE LUNA, is #225; formed by a smallñor team of 5 people with a large

formanceón carved for many years #241;os and based on the love of this work and the passion #243;n

to get the best product

Javier Garcia Puga
01 Mar, 2021