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Fans Sáez
"Belleza y calidad en artesanía"
Creación y pintado de abanicos


"text-align: justify;">Miguel Gago has been a professional fan painter since 1986 in Godella," Valencia. Cursó cerámica artística at Manises. Although, for a few months he was an "apprentice" in a fan painting workshop, his training #243;n is "self-taught". In principle he workedó for the fáfan bricas of José Antonio Giner Nave de Godella, Abanicos Carbonell de Valencia and Aire Distinct de Aldaia. Since 2005 it has been selling its own fans as ABANICOS SÁEZ, selling directly to different stores in Valencia, Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca... It is not #243;it is worked by its sampler, as well as #225;s receives commissions of pieces únicas for companies, individuals or cultural associations. Today it also makes #233 fans for custom falleras and decorated with colorful floral motifs similar to the fallera costume.


In Fans Saez we develop the entire process of creating the #243;n of the fan. From the selection #243;n of the woods (pear, be sure, sipo, holy stick, ébano...) elección of drafts, fan color (white, black, salmón, green, celestial, red...) woven of various colors and tamaños until the final decoration #243;n and envío to customers. Since the beginning of the activity as an artisan, one of the concerns has been to publicize the elaboration #243 of this artisan product. In this sense he has collaborated in various participatory demonstrations and workshops organized by the "Centre d'artesania de la Comunitat Valenciana", both in Valencia and Castellón. He has also #233 demonstrations at the Christmas Market in Noisy le Roy (France), a town twinned with Godella. In the years #241;os 1999 and 2000 on several occasions he has participated in craft demonstrations in Osaka, Oita, Fukuoka (Japón) and over 8 months in Parque España (Japón) at the artesanía española.


This activity is developed exclusively by Miguel Gago as an artisan. Now, it can be said that the whole family participates by contributing their tastes and skills. Suggestions regarding colors, materials, woods, finishes and #243;n of vídeos, photographerías, logo... everyone participates,