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Fans Antonio Benlloch
"Tercera generación de pintores y fabricantes de abanico español"
Abanicos de artesanía pintados a mano


    Annians Antonio Benlloch has dedicated himself exclusively for 3 generations to the manufacture #243;n artisan of the spanish fanñol. With a #243;n artisanal vocation, they have been able to grow and innovate in their manufactures by offering disño, art and #243;

    In the present day, Pepe and Vicente try to make each fan special, auténtico and exclusive, just like his grandfather Antonio Benlloch Martínez, initially, and his father Antonio Benlloch Palau, más late, conseguían with each fan they painted.


    On antonio Benlloch follows a thorough control of the entire chain of production #243;n of the fan, treating each piece as única. We offer personalized #241 designs by painting each range in a única and exclusive way for our customers. Therefore, our fans are known for their quality both in España and outside our borders. 

    Annians Antonio Benlloch, certifies their quality, being registered and accredited by the Generalitat Valenciana, as a company committed to the craftsmanship.

    Our fans are traditionally made, from the bars with pear wood, birch, bubinga, palosanto, or in nácar, to the labelling and final packaging of the fan.

    We connect with clients throughout the #237;a española and global. The company has been present at important craft fairs, both in España (Toledo Fair, Getxo Fair, Xativa Fair, Albacete Fair) and in Europe (Milá Fair;n: Artigiano in fair). We also #233;we have been invited to the World Congress of the Energía, held in Kuala Lumpur in 2012.


    The Antonio Benlloch fan team is made up of two brothers. We are the third generation #243;n of painters and fan manufacturers.


    "Todo perfecto"

    14 Aug, 2020