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100% Balldo
"100% Bolado Artesanal"
Elaboración Tónica Artesanal


The project beganó in 2017 with the idea of developing a craft tónica. After 9 months of #243 research and development, 100% Bolado presentó in 2018 its tónica made with natural products.

The main ingredients are the quinine bark, coming from the árbol of the quino (the bitter), stevia leaf (the sweet), obtaining así a product without azúcar and a touch of heather flower from the Bercian mountains.

The elaboration #243;n is done through the infusión of the herbs, which gives it a characteristic colorís;stic naturally, and then a gasification is performed that provides the freshness and stability necessary for this infusión refreshing natural extracts.


The project has been developed locally in order to expand its distribution #243 to ánational field.


The team consists of Alejandro Bolado Almarza, producer and manager of 100% Bolado.

07 Jun, 2020