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Slow Philosophy
"Azafrán del Oasis"
Cultivo de Azafrán en el Altiplano Granadino


SLOW PHILOSOPHY is a company created almost 6 years ago #241 by a group of jóvenes convinced that people can change the course of their lives to be really happy to #225 dedicate themselves to their passion and #243 sharing their knowledge with others.

The project was born with the creation #243;n of a book in which a series of real stories of people who managed to change their lifestyle positively and manages to show 7 different fundamental aspects of life that allowed them to internalize their experiences towards change.

Finally, this book was transformed into a –SLOW PHIPLOSOPHY-company that has as its viewón redistribute the resources that are currently in the world and that can be better exploited. Así, aims to establish itself as a platform that seeks to generate a positive social impact through #233 business projects or initiatives that can offer an alternative way of life to certain populations, usually affected by the depopulation #243 of the rural world.

One of the main projects promoted by Slow Philosophy is to build a platform to connect people who are #233 willing to make a life change by working on sustainable rural projects worldwide. This is called ‘#243;n of resources’: connecting labor willing to work on different (mainly rural) projects around the world.


AZAFRÁN DEL OASIS is the first project implemented by Slow Philosophy, thanks to the impulse of its founder Raúl Sánchez, #243 who began to study qué type of crop podíto operate in a land wasted in the Altiplano Granadino, owned by his family.

Pués to investigate, it was found that #243; that azafrán was an autóctono product that had been grown on these lands #241 for 700 bc. For this reason, #243;n, since then the azafrán has been part of the tradición gastronómica andalusí.

Así therefore, in 2015 the first harvests of azafrán are obtained, with the pleasant surprise that the product obtained has high índices of quality, thanks to the features of the land.#237;sticas químicas del terreno.

The incursionó project to develop a fairly advanced know-how in knowledge of the cultivation of azafrán and in technológicos and laboratory issues.


Theá consisting of:

  • Raúl Sánchez: 66% shares, FUNDADOR and CEO
  • Mar Manzano: 8.5%, Researcher-Responsible for R&D
  • Ignacio García: 8.5%, Tecnólogo, Head of Technologyía
  • Salvador Martínez: 8.5%, Responsible Marketing and Gestión of projects
  • José Miguel Nieto: 8.5%, Journalist. Creative Director
  • Eeleonora Infuso: 3%, Responsible Sales