Yesta Indian beer pale Ale IPA Yesta Allende - Pack 12 bottles 33 cl


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Pack of 12 beers from 33cl. indian pale Ale IPA Yesta Allende.

This beer reúne lúpulos originating from four continents: Magnum, Cascade, Motueka and Sorachi Ace; it also contains #233;n a cereal part of the Palentino Cerrato. The result is a bitter, powerful and complex aroma beer that produces a pleasant experience for the palate.

  • Ideal for buy ñroasts and red meats.

  • final

    #243.n in the bottle.

  • Servar direct light and high temperatures.

  • 12 Botellines 33cl.

  • Alergens: Gluten

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