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Get this pre-stamped postcard of Tarifa B to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of one of our most emblematic species: the Iberian lynx.

The lynx, larger than a domestic cat, was declared a protected species in 1966 and is considered the most endangered feline in the world. Among the main threats of this species is the destruction of its habitat, which prevents the dispersal capacity of the species and gives rise to inbreeding. Also, the decrease of their favorite prey for food, such as rabbits, increasingly frequent abuses and hunting, are other causes for the disappearance of these unique specimens.


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Size: 160 x 110 mm

Publication Date: May 14, 2021

VAT included: 21%.


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Tariff B is intended for shipments within the European continent, it is valid for any standardized letter shipment to any point in Europe, except Spain. It also serves Greenland.

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