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Sagra Potenciano

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The ring gifts astrales belongs to the collectionón “The whisper of stones”. Ring and ornament Sterling Silver Lotus flower plated in gold and ball of ápurple cat.

Th 16 (18.1 mm diámeter.)  

The ring gifts astrales an símbolo of sacred spiritual purity and its gifts, balance, creativity and a source of great protectionón.

Athso represents the ring of Astral gifts:

The Lotus Flower: in the East means spiritual purity. It is also #233;n a Buddhist sía buddhist body whose meaning is the purity of the body and soul. In the clásica literature of many cultures as well as asáthe Lotus flower is attributed to beauty, elegance, perfectionón and purity.

Á: it is called the Sacred Astral Stone or the stone of the gifts.

A this stone is attributed the following properties:

  • Proviousness of calm, great strength and relieves,
  • Aports fí balance;psychic, mental and intellectual,
  • Aports a great protection for #243 the wearer and the people around it,
  • Protect during sueño and ward off nightmares,
  • Sote the #243;n, the perception #243;n and the analíethical skills to find practical #225 solutions;cticas.
  • Insent spiritual sensitivity and stimulate creativity,
  • so provides courage, increases will and leads us to joyía and extroversión,
  • Stimulate our senses and love and sexual impulses,

Ddly the pieces of the collections are made according to the philosophy #237;a of the Slow.


Son pieces of designñor, handmade and produced by hand, #243;n limited.

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