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GRILL 117000 PRINCESS Do you prefer a steak made grilled or a good sandwich? Why not both,, Make it happen without the need for various gadgets, you just need the Princess 1170000 GRILL COMPACT sandwich maker. This practical and reduced accessory, will allow you a multitude of possibilities, you only have to decide what do you want today? And its advantages, don't end here, expect me to tell you more. Healthy cooking, no oil. Prepare grilled foods, without the need for oil or any other additives, only with their own juice. Not only will you be able to enjoy more delicious dishes, but also healthier.2 in 1.Al just as you can prepare food directly grilled, its structure allows you to cook delicious hot sandwiches, quickly. A 2 in 1, in very little space. Nothing sticks to him. Its non-stick plates will allow you every time you want to make a sandwich, burger, etc. Nothing will stick to you thanks to its non-stick coating. And all in the least space. No larger than the size of a conventional sandwich maker, you can store it even upright, and pick up the cable without any hassle. A simple device, practical as few, that will delight the most demanding. Features -Capacity: 2 sandwiches-Color: Black-Marked Sandwiches: Non-Light Indicators:-On-Ready Specifications:-2-in-1 System, Grill & Sandwich-Overheating Safety System-Lower Manual Pickups-Vertical Storage-Coating-Anti-AadhrenteEAN: 8712836312678

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