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Sed two sauces. (Weight: 800 g)


  • salsa fruit curry

    • redientes: piña, plátano, apple, onion, shredded coconut, coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, curry and salt

    • Net weight: 230 g

    • Syeren: for accompanyingñar white rice or fried chicken, but also for #233 grilled fish and ideal for marinating different dishes, such as meat or fish to your liking.

  • Catsup, oriental sauce

    • redientes: tomato, onion, apple, garlic, aew #250;wholemeal caña, wine vinegar, spices and salt

    • Net weight: 230 g

    • Descripción: “ketchup” o “catsup” is a bittersweet tomato sauce with vinegar, azúcar and spices, which was originally a sauce for the fish they made in ancient China and what they called “kôe-chiap” (pickled fish sauce


Presented in a hand-built basket, with perió paper;dico.

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