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Oliveclub Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Can 100 ml

Ail olive oil first press, extracción in frío, premium quality of the Frantoio olive variety. Enjoy this beautiful 100 ml can with a spectacular olive oil and divideértete identifying its aromas. It includes araña aromas Variety of olives from Italy that produces an olive oil with a lot of carácter. Oliveclub's AOVE Frantoio is a medium-intensity high fruit of green olives with ripe notes. On the nose the bitter almond protrudes over notes of fennel, chamomile and recién cut herb. The bitter is medium and the spicy very intense. Findás shades of apple, cáplá scara;tano and grass green. Very interesting for frí creams;as and in repostería surprising. Pruébalo with orange recién peeled.

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