Oleum Rosehip Case - 50ml Oil and Vegetable Soap 100g


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Hiket rosehip. Oleum illuminateá your skin through #233 the properties of rosehip.

A wooden case with chip bed where you can find #225;s a soft moisturizing jabón with a #241 pure rosehip oil to nourishá and regenerateá your skin.

The case consists of an oil and a vegetable soap#243;n:

  • Hip Rosehip Oil (30 ml): This is an extra vegetable oilído of the seeds of the rosehip which is one of the most powerful cutáneos más. Moisturize and care for your skin by smoothing wrinkles and scars. It helps prevent photo aging and prevents the #237 for its high nutrition #243;n and regenerating power.

  • Jabón vegetable rosehip (100 g): a #243 artisan and vegetable soap made by process in frío based on rosehip, olive, coconut and palm oils. Revitalizes dry, tired skin. It promotes luminosity and regeneration #243;n, reducing the #243 of stains and marks. Its fresh aroma of verbena turná your baño into a floral paraíso. Jabón Soft and creamy suitable for mixed piles with a tendency to dry.

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