Oleum Complete Natural Cosmetics Case - 5 100g + 100ml Vegetable Soaps of Shea Butter + 30ml Rosehip Virgin Oil Dosing Pack


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Suménatural cosm&tica complete stuff. Oleum prepares for you a complete beauty treatment only from the best natural products.

A wooden case with #225 chip bed where you can find #225 a selection of our best natural and #243 aromatic soaps (karité, alís and rosemary, cinnamon, rosemary, árbol del té) accompaniesñados of high hydration #243;n from karité butter and a pure rosehip oil that illuminatesá the skin of your face.

The case consists of 5 100 g vegetable soaps, 100 ml of karité butter and a 30 ml virgin rosehip oil dosing

  • Hip Rosehip Oil (30 ml): This is an extra vegetable oilído of the seeds of the rosehip which is one of the most powerful cutáneos más. Moisturize and care for your skin by smoothing wrinkles and scars. It helps prevent photo aging and prevents the #237 for its high nutrition #243;n and regenerating power.

  • Karité (100 ml) butter: karité butter is a 100% natural moisturizer that is extracted from the fruit of African karité #225;rbol. Our karité está refined butter to avoid the unpleasant aroma of virgin butter, but retaining all its properties, and we have not added to it #241 perfumes or preservatives. It is a vegetable butter with powerful moisturizing and soothing effect for both skin and hair. Relieves, protects and softens dry, dehydrated and sensitive piles,

  • Jabón vegetable rosemary (100 g): a #243 artisan and vegetable soap made by process in frío based on olive oils, coconut, palm and rosemary essential oil. A moisturizing #243 with a refreshing and stimulating effect. Its fresh rosemary aroma will make you #225; feel in the countryside and its #241 small leaves gently exfoliate #225;n gently exfoliate your skin. Fresh jabón advised for all skin types.

  • Jabón cinnamon vegetable (100 g): a artisan and vegetable jabón made by process in frío based on olive oils, coconut, palm and cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon powder makes this soap ó a very gentle exfoliator with aphrodisiac effects. Jabón toning, effective odour neutralizer.

  • Jabón vegetable árbol of té (100 g): a artisan and vegetable jabón made by process in frío based olive oils, coconut, palm and essential oil of árbol of Té. Creamy #243 that does an in-depth cleaning without drying out. Alsoén is used as a preventative for all types of fungi. Spectacular for skins with a tendency to acné.

  • Jabón vegetable karité (100 g): A artisan and vegetable soapón made by process in frío based karité oils, olive, coconut, palm and Pachulí essential oil. It is a jabón that exfoliatesá your skin from red clay and poppy seed, left #225;ndola soft, nourished and pampered thanks to the effect of karité butter. Jabón especially suitable for mixed, fat-prone skin.

  • Jabón vegetable of anís and rosemary (100 g): a artisan and vegetable jabón made by cold process based on hazelnut, coconut, palm and essential oil oils of anís and rosemary. Jabón soothing, moisturizing and nourishing with an evocative spicy aroma and a colorful suggestive. An ideal #243 for fatigued and battered skin.

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