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Rodi Gourmet products: Wine salt of Grenache Centenarias, Salt to the Aroma of Moncayo, Garnachicos de Fuendejalón and Rodi sausages -longaniza and chorizo homemade and natural.


  • 1 Grenache Salt Centenarias de Fuendejalón.
  • 1 Salt to the Aroma of Moncayo.
  • 1 Garnachicos de Fuendejalón.
  • 1 Longaniza Rodi Gourmet.
  • 1 Chorizo Rodi Gourmet.

Rodi Gourmet's Sal are delicate spring salt péheels fused with the elegance of Grenache Wine Centenarians of Campo de Borja. It is #225; handmade, without preservatives or dyes. It has an intense aroma and crunchy texture that fuses to the perfection #243;n with the kitchen of yesterday and today.

The Sal to the Aroma of Moncayo está handcrafted with sea salt from the Ebro Delta fused with rosemary and thyme. In addition, #225,s, contains no preservatives or dyes. Naturally spice up and enhance the flavor of food, añgiving a touch of #243;n to your dishes.

Los Garnachicos son pequeños mazapanes handmade with Grenache wine from Fuendejalón, in Campo de Borja. They contain azúcar, almonds and wine, and are perfect to surprise your guests with a different dessert or make a good gift.

The Rodi sausages, longaniza and chorizo, están handcrafted secún a traditional recipe of Fuendejalón, in the Borja Countryside. Cured, homemade and natural. They do not contain additives, preservatives, antioxidants, gluten or lactose.

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