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The Madrilana is a merino wool selected and spun in the northeast of the península, it is named after the city where #243 it was born; this lanero project

A original, urbanite, fine, soft wool with which to knit multifunctional garments in jaquard, shawls, children's clothing and light clothing that adapts to the pace of life of the city.

This thread is born from the collaboration #243;n narrow with artisans of long traditions;#243;n that aún perpetúan his work with pure wools of the país, putting at the service of our needles the best raw material and original #233 technical material for the creation #243 of exclusive high quality yarns.

The Madrilana has a range of smooth colors and Jaspered with carácter and enormous versatility to enjoy every stitch and every lap.
br />Presentación: hilar in two ends in skewer format.

Weight: 100 grams approx.

Longitud: 450 meters approx.

Recommended needles: wod 2.5-3.5 mm (2-4 US) and crochet 3 mm (C/2 US)

Sddd with fría (< 30º) with detergent for delicate garments.

Sescate horizontally

Lana Mulessing-Free: This práctica is not performed in our país and in dLana we are not in favor of it so our wool comes from sheep free from this práctica.

Natural Wool: Our wools are transformed without processes that #237;aggressive micos or finishes, such as superwash or bleaching that can reach dañar wool fiber.

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