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Feasureks hygienéreusable design nica of designñor own with a different air, so that the pandemic does not take away your moreás feminine side and your health is not at risk. Its exterior composition #243 is of various textile materials that make it única.

  • Our approved lining is the one that protects us without the need for additional filters and allows us to wash a total of 85 times.

  • us the ásticos are adjustable and have a great acceptance #243;n.

  • Our masks have been handcrafted, disinfected and packaged following strict security measures.

  • Ability to end of stock.

¿ to whom are our masks intended?

  • A all públicos from 6 años and minors of that age, under the supervision of an adult #243.

  • We have different measurements.

  • This product is intended for people without síntomas, they are perfect to be able to use in the transport público, enter enclosed spaces, such as supermarkets, walk down the street...

  • Advestance: This mask is not a medical device (PS) or an individual #243 protection equipment (PPE).

¿Cómo wash and disinfect the hygie maskéreusable nica?

  • The más form cófashion and less aggressive for the fabrics used in your garment, #243 is to use disinfectant (Sanytol) or similar and keep it submerged for 15 min in said water-reduced product


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