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2000W Induction PlateThe new GM Pots portable induction plate allows you to cook faster and easier, spending much less energy even with its 2000W, thanks to induction. In addition, with it you can cook outdoors and safely without using fire or gas, being its use almost a child's game. Another point in his favor is the Full Crystal, with which in addition to not warming up at all you can clean it in a matter of seconds. Touchscreen and 10 power levelsThe GM Pot Induction Plate features a Full Crystal display, touch control and an elegant, simple and easy-to-clean design. You will be able to cook any dish that you imagine with the maximum degree of accuracy thanks to its 2000 W of power and its 10 levels, being able to adjust according to demand both the genre to cook and the desired point. In this way, you can from marking meats perfectly without going from pointing inside, to cooking bechamel without burning.4 pre-configured programs: keep warm, soup, coffee and riceDisfruit your time with the induction plate thanks to its 4 pre-configured menus, with which you can make certain elaborations without worrying in the slightest, since she will cook and in the corresponding case will turn off automatically. Put the coffee maker up, and as you get ready to go to work, the coffee is brewed on its own, don't you think it's fantastic? Booking functionN't worry if someone is late for dinner time, with the book function keep the food until the time of arrival and you will enjoy the freshly made food without any problems, to enjoy all the flavor of your favorite elaborations. TimerYou can also indicate how long you want it to cook and thus take advantage of the time in other needs. Prepare the table while the new Full Crystal induction plate is cooking for you. Features:-Manufacturer: Cecotec-Brand: GM-Model Pots: FULL CRYSTAL induction plate-Description: Portable induction plate with glass surface, 10 power levels up to 2000 W, 4 preset programs and "Timer" and "Book" function-Measures: 35 x 28 x 7cm-Weight: 2.6 kg-Voltage: 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz-Power: 2000 WEAN: 84354840080015

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