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Features:Smart ProThe Candy Smart Pro Dryer is the smartest option to save time. Versatile, fast and reliable, the Candy Smart Pro dryer offers a complete set of fast cycles in less than 90 minutes, to meet all your day-to-day needs. Goodbye to back pain! Large Brush smart design, ease of use. Say goodbye to back pain as you put the laundry in the dryer. The design of Candy's new hatch is 3.5 cm superior to the rest, ensuring minimal effort when loading and removing casting from the dryer. Your wool is in good handsTu new dryer knows how to handle your wool garments, with temperature control and special drum movement, providing you with maximum peace of mind for the most decades-built pieces. Simply set up the Woolmark-approved wool program, and the dryer will prevent lint formation by limiting friction between garments and carefully controlling temperature. Stop wasting time Choose the best time to dry your laundry. The new Candy dryer is designed to simplify your day, so you can run drying cycles according to your preferences, with deferred start up to 23h. For example, you can start the cycle at night and take advantage of lower consumption, or while you're at work, so you can have all your laundry ready once you return home. A smarter lifeTotally connected to Wi-Fi and thanks to the Simply-Fi App offers a wide range of intelligent functions such as remote control, drying peaks and checkups. Ironing memorySave your favorite settings. When you find the perfect settings for each cycle, you'd like to be able to save it. With the Memory function, you have the possibility to have your favorite settings at hand. You only need to define the cycle and start. A complete set of Fast CyclesCandy offers a complete set of fast cycles, from 30 to 90 minutes, designed to meet daily drying needs. Versatile, fast and reliable, the dryer is the best solution for saving time and money. Super easy ironingReduces wrinkle creation, reduces ironing time. Your new dryer reduces creases and tangles thanks to alternate movement and anti-wrinkle action, before and at the end of the cycle. The Smart Moisture Sensor provides the perfect moisture level for you to iron your garments in half the time. Download cyclesWith the Candy Simply-Fi App you can interact with the machine and take advantage of the potential offered by Smart Touch only with Android smartphones equipped with NFC technology. One of the main features is: DOWNLOAD CYCLES. It is possible to download and start more than 10 additional drying cycles. Wash and dry at the same timeWith Candy, you can save a lot of time, as you can wash and dry your laundry simultaneously. The new Heat Pump system ensures that energy consumption is so low that it allows the dryer and washer to be used at the same time, as it limits power dissipation. The Heat Pump System guarantees the best efficiency while on your fabrics, thanks to the use of mild drying temperatures. Said and doneTo solve day-to-day problems, Candy has invented the revolutionary EasyCase water collection system. Easycase is the only solution to collect excess water from each cycle in a tank integrated into the hatch. The ergonomic handle and ergonomic design make it very easy to empty the water and reuse it for other uses. Water saving is guaranteed: with EasyCase, it is easier to reuse water for household chores and will not accidentally fall out of the reservoir. Save up to 70% time and money. Candy takes care of the environment and your pocket. Candy has invented a perfect solution for you: Kilos Detector, a great solution that saves up to 70% energy and time. Special weight and drying sensors allow you to weigh the casting and automatically stop the cycle at the desired drying level, saving energy, time and money. In this way it is possible to dry from 1 kg to the maximum load without waste and ensuring total protection. Specifications:-Product Name / Commercial Code: CSO H8A2TE-S-Encastrable / Free Installation: Free Installation-Drying Type: Heat Pump-Cotton Capacity (Kg): 8-Drum Volume (l): 125-Connectivity: Wi-Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth-Drum Material: Galvanized-Water Outlet Tube: Yes-Voltage (V): 220-240-Adjustable Legs: Yes-Electronic: Big Digit-Plug Type: SchukoPrograms & Functions-End cycle indicator: Yes-Number of programs: 14-Deferred start options: Yes (up to 24h)-Woolmark: Seismic-Color: White-Color / Door Material: WhiteReagnition-Condensation efficiency class (G (min) to A (max)): B-Energy efficiency class: A++-Total annual energy consumption (kWh) (1): 236-Noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW): 67-Power consumption electric dryer, full charge: 1.94-Power consumption electric dryer, Partial load: 1.08Dimensions-Product depth: 600-Net weight (kg) : 41.5-Product width: 600EAN: 8016361993327

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