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Llagar Alonso

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Sidra natural Asturian, made in an artisanal and traditional way by our family, and using úonly apples harvested in Asturias, especially from the Nal Valleyón. Made through #233 the fermentationón exclusive apples. It is characterized by a fresh and fruity smell, and a slightly bitter taste, with "drying", which makes you want to drink another culín. 

This Traditional Natural Cider is made through #233 the different varieties of apples recognized in Asturias (más of 300) following the patterns marked by our ancestors to the extent appropriate in terms of acidity, bitterness and sweetness for a good broth. SÓLO MANZANAS.

Steps in the elaboration #243;n:

  1. trod the apple

  2. prensing the apple

  3. Sose the must to the barrel for fermentation for fermentationón alcohólica

  4. sosering the cider for clarification

  5. Embotete when you are #233; at your best.

Beid to its naturalness and not being filtered, it can eventually create #250 some sediment at the bottom of the bottle that disappears sówhat with moving the líquido before opening it.

This cider is elaborated íntegramente in the central area of Asturias specifically in Langreo, a council dedicated in the 2 centuries past to the minería and steelmaking but in the current area with the caída de és this type of companies must be looked for alternatives. The time from cutting apples to bottling can range from 6 months to 10.

  • De low graduationón with flavors ácido-bitter-sweet. Your ratingón alcohólica varía from 5.5 to 6.5º. 

  • The best dates of consumption are #225;n from bottling until after 12 months; being a natural product and not being aged your stay in bottle as much as more #225;s shortest better.

  • The temperature óptima of its consumption is between 12 and 14 degrees. 

  • Se served by lifting the bottle slightly and breaking its jet in the glass so that it releases all its partíolfactory and as #237&<3> <1>; appreciate its fruity aromas.

  • #243 12-bottle 70cl v/u.

  • Contains non-#241 sulphites.

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