Aceitunas La Prieta Paté de olives Prietas - 4 jars of 90 g

Aceitunas La Prieta

Aceitunas La Prieta

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The paté of Prietas olives, is #225; made with olives matured in the olive tree, of the fine chamomile variety, of the region of campiña Sevillana respecting its cycle of ripening

#237 #237 and #243;

This type of salting, go back to the élittle Phoenician and has taken root in the villages of greater olive culture, passing its recipe from parents to children to our times, and has been recovered by our company thanks toñ#243;n and #243 specialization in its artisanal process.

Once obtaining the olive, this is aliñada with the aliños típeaks of slaughter; garlic, orégano, extra virgin olive oil, pepper ñora and varied spices, which give a few nuances to the final product, which we can #237; we can resemble its flavor to traditional sausage, but with the advantage that it is a 100% vegetable and natural product, it becomesébecoming an excellent vegan alternative to other olive olives máindustrial.

Apreciated for its flavor, this paté has countless alternatives in cooking, being used in canapés, vegan pizza bases, accompaniesñ <9>; meat or fish and even rice and vinaigrettes. It is a product so pure that with a small ñquantity that incorporates into your dish, be leftá impregnated with its mild and resounding flavor, since it is a product so unprocessed, that we are almost eating it from árbol.

  • weight of each jar: 90 g.

  • Sod preferably within 12 months.

  • It is advisable to cover the product once opened, keep it in a cool place, (preferably coolífico) and consume in a week.

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