TUNO Canarias Pack of 2 Organic Gourmet Cream of Vinegar and Indian Tuno

TUNO Canarias


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Crema Gourmet ECOLÓGICA of Vinegar to Indian Tuno - Tunocanarias

100% Handmade. 100% Canary Ingredients. 100% Fresh Products.

Without Artificial Colors.

THE ECOLÓGICA vinegar cream to the Indian tuno fig pulp of the Canary Islands is a perfect dressing to combine with salads.

Your bittersweet taste is reminiscent of a balsámico vinegar. Its content of FRUIT pulp of TUNO INDIO is as a #237;nimo of 35% of the recipe. Apple vinegar añadido gives a taste and aroma únicos to the dishes.

Otra good idea for this wonderful cream of vinegar and fruit is to combine it with spread cheeses, such as cream cheese, brie or blue. They can also #233;n can be used to marinate meat and fish. Even at cocktelería.

To adorn dishes in restoration#243;n has become a product of first need not sólo for its aroma and flavor but for its intense red color.

This Tunocanarias vinegar cream is totally ECOLÓGICA And contains no fat, gluten, no #250;n animal product, so it is a perfect dressing for vegetarians.

Tampoco contains artificial flavors or colors añadidos.

For its powerful flavor, we only need to use a small amount to season and enjoy exquisite dishes.

Endents: Ecológico Indian tuno fruit pulp (35%), ecológico, azúcar ecológica de caña and xantana gum.


  • Conserve in a cool, dry place, sheltered from light,


  • 't contain gluten.

  • Does not contain alérgens as ingredients.

Presentationón: Glass bottles with 250ml content.

  • Producción sustainable.

  • Environmental #243 Protection.

  • Gran product quality.

  • Rerestricted the additives used in the #243;n of food.

  • The product adheres to the official European control provisions.

  • The product comes directly from us as producers.

  • Rigorous official control by agencies #250;blicos or private.

  • Uso restricted from pesticides.

  • Registro from producer and distributor.

  • Registering the accreditation of #243;n of the validating body #243;n.

  • Proport to the consumer products obtained from 100% natural processes.

  • Preserving on the nutritional properties of ingredients.

  • Vitate water and soil #243;n.

Product with Certification ón Ecológica by the Government of the Canary Islands: ES- ECO-014-IC

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