TUNO Canarias Pack 2 Indian Tuno Fig Tisanas of Organic Production and Mint

TUNO Canarias


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With its delicate, soft taste and vibrant púrpura color, it is not extrañar that captivates our hearts.

Worked, packaged and harvested in a completely handcrafted way. One by one, our infusión bags are created manually, treated with care, pasión and cariñor as if a work of art were treated and with a PREMIUM quality. A hidden treasure trove of the Canary Islands that you won't find #225;s anywhere else in the


The heart of this dillenii opuntia fruit #243 is captured to give you a única experience in your cup. A drink that will definitely refreshá your espíritu.

Presented in an ecológico cartón of fresh, fully biodegradable and compostable fiber.

Effe's Freeína and teína free. We start this mixture by harvesting fruits of Higo Tuno Indio (Opuntia Dillenii) ECOLÓGICO CERTIFIED 5181P from our own farm. Then we mix with a bright and pleasant base of fresh mint harvested also #233;n in Tenerife. This té único in the world is served perfect on ice for a long and hot summer afternoon. Each bag of infusión contains the medium equivalent concentrate Indian Tuno Fig.

This cactus plant was traditionally used by Native Americans as a natural sweetener and remedy for health. Traído to the Canary Islands by our ancestors and now rediscovered for you.

  • Producción sustainable.

  • Environmental #243 Protection.

  • Gran product quality.

  • Re restrict the additives used in the #243;n of food.

  • The product adheres to the official European control provisions.

  • The product comes directly from us as producers.

  • Rigorous official control by agencies #250;blicos or private.

  • Uso restricted from pesticides.

  • Registro from producer and distributor.

  • Registering the accreditation of #243;n of the validating body #243;n.

  • Proport to the consumer products obtained from 100% natural processes.

  • Preserving on the nutritional properties of ingredients.

  • We #243 water and land contamination


Cada box contains 10 Bags of 1.4 Gr. of Wild Indian Fig Ecológico and Fresh Mint. No Dyes, No Preservatives.

In Pack of two.

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